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I'll be listing the last 30, 60, million, or so days of changes...


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1/10/2017 Honestly, I haven't had much to add over the years that could be called helpful. I was going to work fem the last year I was employed and now I'm retired. I am maintaining a picture log these days via my Flickr. Flickr includes a bit of text with most pictures so you know what was going on.

3/24/2013 One of my GGs from a support site was kind enough to give me a short blurb about her and her loved one. See #4 at the SO Side page.

3/24/2013 Sorry I haven't been adding much in the way of my outings, not to say they aren't significant, but they have had little to offer in the way of lessons learned. This is partly to do with being so open and out to people that anything I pick up from people is just really the little things like my makeup was a little off one day. But every girl has those days. I continue to post at least one picture to Flickr when I get out.

7/2/2012 I fixed a couple broken links and added one to my Cosmetics page.

7/2/2012 I added a short update to my Outings page.

7/2/2012 I added a handful of Frogbert entries.

1/3/2012 I added 2011's pictures to my Evolution page.

1/3/2012 I added a couple Frogbert entries.

Halloween 2011 I added the write up from my Halloween outing.

9/20/11 I added a I also have a brief write up from my August outing.

7/8/11 I added a couple Frogbert entries. I also have a brief write up from my June outing.

5/16/11 I added a couple Frogbert entries.

5/2/11 I added a few Frogbert entries.

4/9/11 I'm trying a new approach to my navigation menu. Check it out; it's the same on on every page if I did things right.

3/19/11 A rare write up for an outing. I figured I was due; plus I have a few lessons learned.

1/23/11 I'm not sure I posted "this" Frogbert elsewhere.

1/17/11 I decided it was time to check links. I have updated various reference pages (in that section of the menu. Note the date the links were verified.

1/17/11 Frogbert had a few things to say.

12/19/10 I fixed the "Don't Push Me" button on my Community page. I think it's a cute toy.

12/19/10 I have been neglecting my Evolution page for apparently three years???!!!. Well it's current now!

12/12/10 I deleted some duplicate entries and added a couple Frogberts.

11/8/10 I added a new reference link for religious issues. See my reference page.

10/17/10 I've revamped my web site code. Hopefully you don't really see a difference, but I think I have already seen a couple cosmetic ickies. Hopefully with this update, it will make it easier to use Internet Exploder. Another change is that I don't open so many separate windows for the places that are not part of my web site. Please, please if you see a big goof (or even a little one), give me the feedback!

10/17/10 Just a couple new Frogberts.

8/8/10 First, I am changing my latest picture (menu item on the left), but I need to update the link on all my web pages. I'm going to do it piece meal rather than reload my whole site. Now, the important stuff. I had an outing and it's posted.

8/6/10 Got all the web pages updated with the new template. Hope you like the look. Please tell me one way or the other. I added an anonymous feedback link next to the guestbook link on the home page. The anonymous feedback uses a form and the feedback link on every page initiates an e-mail using your own e-mail. Hopefully with the anonymous feedback, you will be willing to give me some.

6/25/10 Hopefully I have all the new pages uploaded. I have corrected the broken links. I added a few Frogberts. I updated some text here and there. Please tell me if I missed something.

5/5/2010 I'm changing my web pages over to using a template. This page is using it; you can tell by where the copyrights are placed. Once I get all the pages converted, then I get to play with how the pages look by simply changing the template and re-uploading all the pages. I know it's techie talk, but what it does for us is allowing me to change how the site looks to keep it fresh for you guys.

3/17/2010 Happy St. Patty's Day! Some days I just get slow in the head, but today I fixed one of those problems. I corrected the navigation between Frogbert's pages. Now you should be able to actually see them all.

3/15/2010 Everything isn't about being trans. Sometimes we just need to be safe when we are on the Internet. Check out I added it to my navigation menu on the left.

3/15/2010 It took me awhile, but I finally added a site to which I belong. Check out that I linked on my References page.

3/15/2010 I was given a new hormone FAQ. I added it to my References page.

1/11/2010 I've updated my How to on boobs. I've added a discussion about bras to the bottom of the page.

1/1/2010 Happy New Year! And to celebrate, one little update for Frogbert.

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