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We can tell our closest friends our darkest secrets without worry as they are our closest friends. They have those values as human beings we require. It is because of those values that we know, in fact, it is safe to tell them.

I was asked once if I felt any different being dressed as a woman. I hesitated and said "no." It wasn't until I got home that I realized I do feel a little different. My worries are different. When I am DRAB I worry about "Davita" showing; when I am Davita, I worry about the boy side showing.

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(You can hear this same comment for visitors via a 371K au file.) I have noticed warning messages on a number of sites addressing the same subject matter in my site. These warnings suggest you should leave if you are offended. I have noticed warnings such as those below 18 should not enter, even when there is no pornography (by MY definition). I will not place such warnings on my site. I encourage all to visit even if their sensibilities could be offended--this is a chance to learn. I will not warn minors (which is defined by local mores) to stay out because this topic is not age-limited. However, I suggest minors seek adult council when viewing my site as I do not want to unduly influence anyone.

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Davita's BioI am a 59+ year old transgendered person. To better figure out what that meant, I had a number of visits to (as I like to think of her) my psychologist. Her diagnosis was somewhat straight out of the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders (Fourth Edition) (DSM IV). When you are not quite the clinical definition then you get, "transgendered but undetermined". *smile* just like me to never fit a clear definition. Within DSM IV, there are clear delineations of transgendered persons (fetishist, transsexual, etc.), but I am not quite just one of them.

Anyway, I have been dressing since I was five or six. Like many of us, I have had my ups and downs with who I am and have done my share of purging. I think I have a good amount of experience accumulated over these many years and am here to share my experience. Please note that my outings are will you will find the information I discovered or the any tips and tricks. Of course, I do have my reference pages to the various experts and to others that I feel provide equal or better information.

I have set up this web site to offer my knowledge supplemented with experiences of my own. I think this is a better approach for many of you just beginning and for some of you who worry so hard about everyone and anything. I want this site to provide easy reading, a starting point for addressing your concerns, and a place where you can see that it isn't all just talk, but can be real. Although my web site may be slanted, I am trying to keep my information relevant to the whole transgendered community.

For any significant others (SOs) who need information and need their concerns addressed, I have links for them too.

I scattered pictures on almost every page (hoping this way you just might read some). The headless or bubbled pictures are my older ones before I started going out. The bubbles are simply to maintain the illusions (bearded ladies just don't look right). As I get out more during the years, I will be replacing some of the older pictures. For you Poufbunnies, I didn't forget you and I will try to keep up and provide new pictures to June or the Pettipond to post or will add them to my own Flickr Poufbunny set.

Lastly, I broke down and created the "Evolution" page, which provides a pictorial essay of my beginnings, through the years until some date when I get tired of keeping up with the latest pictures for that page. Fear not, show off that I am, I do have my latest pictures on Flickr.

All play and no work must mean you're rich *giggle*

imageIf you need to talk or if you need some guidance, fe-mail me using one of my feedback links at the top or left on this page. If you just want to say "hi", drop me a line. And gosh forbid you let a constructive criticism go by without telling me. Tell me where my site is broken! (Just in case -- "no" -- I'm not interested in a relationship or sex... I just want to help.)

And more help can be found at:The GLBT National Help Center


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